Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-11-8

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  • canuckistani
  • krizsa
  • wbamberg
  • kwierso
  • ochameau
  • myk
  • gozala
  • mossop
  • ZER0
  • warner



  • 1.3b3 to be spun today
  • Firefox minVersion/maxVersion updated to 8.0/11.0a1 on dev branch
  • new loader caused some regressions, which gozala is working on fixing


  • AMO-hosted SDK 1.1-based addons repacked last week
  • repack failed for six addons, whose developers were notified
  • -> canuckistani to get dcm to get latest status from dbuc


  • SDK Hack Day on 19th, 11 days from now
  • currently eight signups, with others in process
  • please let folks in the Bay Area know
  • -> warner to post to the Labs mailing list about event
  • use @GitHubName references to reviewers/feedbackers in commit comments
  • add :GitHubName alias to your account in Bugzilla
  • stabilization branch Firefox minVersion should be updated to latest stable release just like development branch
  • other policies would be more confusing for users
  • thus minVersion will be updated before SDK 1.3b3 spun today
  • -> myk to write post to group summarizing this
  • AMO validator is out-of-date
  • we should make sure it stays up-to-date with SDK releases
  • -> canuckistani to get ball rolling w/warner, others
  • Jetpack Features is new working group to explore feasibility of shipping core Firefox features as SDK-based addons
  • myk facilitating group, which meets every other week and welcomes new participants
  • more info on working group wiki page