Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-12-13

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  • Eddy
  • Gozala
  • Warner
  • DCM
  • Mossop
  • canuckistani
  • Matteo
  • AlexP
  • Dbuc
  • Dietrich
  • Wes
  • Gabor
  • Dan Horner
  • Myk



  • Hot fix on Monday, regression with data not saved
  • fixed second issue with saving, will be shipped on Wed.
  • search will include example / featured tags
  • Roadmap:
  • Admin / Super users to add examples and featured addon / modules



  • Matteo: page-mod support for mobile
  • Alex: localization on track
  • Myk: html localization on track
  • Gabor: IndexDB, patch is being reviewed, due to tree being closed, might not land
  • Irakli: addontab API - test framework issues, workaround to land, change firefox later, ontrack
  • Bryan: on track

Alexp: naming of content script object, 'add-on' vs. 'self' Matteo: name it jetpack? AlexP: would need to be landed after 1.4


  • Perf tests
    • Mossop: run existing AMO tests
    • Dietrich: cedar branch builds run everything, should be easy to take advantage
    • Mossop: we'll also need to compare different sorts of addend
  • E10S
    • AlexP: if we continue with E10S work and get it working, would it help with the decision to enable e10s in Firefox?
    • Mossop: addons wasn't the only reason E10S was scuttled