Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-12-20

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  • Flightdeck
  • SDK
  • Roundtable
    • 2012 Roadmap being written - shift in audience. Goals also being worked on. Neither are complete! be patient!
    • We have started using P4 in bug triage for those bugs which are 'personal work list' bugs
    • Do we want access control for the stabilisation/release branches?
    • No meeting next week (Dec. 27th)! Enjoy your preferred year-end holiday of choice - Next meeting 1/3/2012
    • status of stabilization branch; extra eyes wanted
    • ownership and refactoring of the Add-on Builder Helper
    • what about cfx upload / cfx source-package ?


  • Wes
  • Eddy Bruel
  • Jeff Griffiths
  • Jorge
  • DCM
  • Dbuc
  • Alex
  • Matteo
  • Gabor
  • Will



  • sending email to gather AMO accounts for super users
  • next release tomorrow
  • keyboard shortcuts coming back next week


  • 2011 Goals
    • l10n
      • big discussion on 1st landing, negative comments
      • should press forward and land something
      • 'on track'
    • mobile:
      • unit tests, written, create pull request, landing tomorrow?
    • html localization
      • proposal being worked on, Thurs?
      • driving proposal unlikely to happen this year
      • 'risky'
    • indexDB
      • new patch sent, hopefully landed this week
      • 'on track'
    • addonTab
      • 'at risk'
      • underestimated work
      • implementation done, code needs to be reviewed
      • need strategy for code updated over multiple addons
        • details on bugzilla, pull requests
    • not unpacking xpis
      • 'at risk'
      • close, does all of the right stuff
      • needs review, fix some tests
  • Question: table of version compatibility between firefox and SDK versions? Will can add it to the schedule table, should be easy to reference for users.


  • Comment from Will: 3rd party modules on the roadmap? Not included yet, but in the goals for Q4.
  • no metrics yet, suggestions welcome?
    • AMO fast track review queue as a metric
  • simplify reviews of addons that use common modules
  • AMO-validator data is updated?
    • Jeff: will follow-up with AMO on validator updates
  • Use of P4 priorities
    • personal / work item bugs, given P4 stats in triage.
    • engineers should be managing them
    • putting these bugs means 'not subject to triage any more', engineers should challenge P4 status when appropriate
    • makes sense to prioritize your own bugs P4 if they fall into this bucket
  • Github access controls, prevent people from committing?
    • possible in future
    • various techniques to prevent unwanted pushes
  • Extra eyes on stabilization branch?
    • make sure it looks okay after the last few days
  • Ownership of builder helper add-on
    • needs refactoring?
    • newer features in Fx could simplify codebase
    • who owns this?
    • Alex will take a look
  • cfx upload / cfx source-package
  • upload source package to AMO
  • helps repacker, possibly Flight deck
  • will help l10n as well, to have non-packed version
  • devtools team is looking at source mapping?
  • various workflow options could be opened up, e.g. commit to github refreshes source package on AMO
  • Myk is spinning 1.4b3 today, anything that needs to get into this, ping him.
  • Matteo: Fennec patch landed tomorrow, goes in 1.4?
  • Myk: no, 1.5.
  • Jeff: how to test?
  • Myk: we need docs
  • Matteo: will do.