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Test Proposals

Test Proposals are documents providing information about a new test idea to the Test Pilot community. The test proposal should provide a concise goal: either to help solve a specific design question, or to receive user feedback for early-stage design experiments.

How to write a test proposal

Each test proposal must have:

  • A champion -- someone who writes the proposal, shepherds the discussions in the appropriate forums, and attempts to build community consensus around the idea. The champion (a.k.a. Author) should first attempt to ascertain whether the design question is test-able. Posting to <> is recommended.
  • Goals -- design questions you want to answer or explore by running this test.
  • Data type -- what kind of data will be required for this test. This is very important for a test proposal. Test Pilot program only runs tests that fully obey our Privacy Policy.

Please see the proposal example of Ubiquity

What happens after the test proposal

The process begins with the design question. Once a test case is proposed to the Test Pilot community, it will be reviewed and prioritized by the related product module owners before accepted.

It is highly recommended that a single proposal contain a single key question that would like to be answered by the test. The more focused proposal the better.

Once (or before) a proposal has been accepted, it is recommended to also make a reference implementation and link to it.

Proposal: There are many rumors that there are compatibility issues between Firefox and IE8.

Goal: Find and document the conditions and results of incompatibilities for inclusion in Firefox 4.0; either as documentation or as a patch.

Duration: Test period ends 11/01/2010.

Action: Specifically view a site on one of the browsers and update the same site from another browser.