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Click here if you are looking for documentation of the current release version of Ubiquity

This is a space for working on the documentation that accompanies the 0.5 branch of Ubiquity. You can find documentation for the current release version (0.1.x) over here.


  1. Command API
    1. Command Authoring Tutorial done
    2. Converting your command to the Parser 2 API done
    3. Noun-types Reference
  2. Localization
    1. Localizing commands in Ubiquity 0.5 done
    2. Making your command localizable low priority
  3. Parser 2
    1. Semantic roles in Parser 2 done
    2. Ubiquity Parser Localization Tutorial done
    3. Parser 2 Internal Documentation 90% up to date
  4. Documentation development (participate!)
    1. Help us improve the built-in command documentation by editing this page
    2. Help us improve the interactive tutorial by editing this page
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Locked-Down Feed Tutorial
    2. Skinning Ubiquity Tutorial

Auto-generated Documentation

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