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We're interested in creating learning experiences that you think are fun and engaging. To do that, we need your help! This page contains a variety of ways that you can help us make better, more engaging and rewarding learning materials. For more information on our Design Principles, check out the Learning page.

A Super Easy Way to Help Out

We're interested in all the feedback you have. What did you like about the learning projects? What was compelling? What was helpful from a learning perspective? What didn't work (i.e. where did you get stuck, what constrained the learning, etc.)? What suggestions do you have for making it better? Please give us your feedback by filling out either the "I taught Webmaking!" or "I learned Webmaking!" survey.

Did you cover other learning objectives that we don't have content for? Did you figure out a new, successful way to explain web mechanics or hacking? Did you use physical games? What did you do that was NOT covered by our materials and can you do a write up about that? Share with us!

Helpful Stuff You Can Do at Your Next Event

Upgrade Your Event Type

Paper prototype badges/issue badges

A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. From the Boy and Girl Scouts, to PADI diving instruction, to the more recently popular geo-location game, Foursquare, badges have been successfully used to set goals, motivate behaviors, represent achievements and communicate success in many contexts. Learn more

  • Did you offer any badges at your event?
  • Would you be willing to paper prototype some badges with your learners?

Show and tell us about any badge related activities you've been doing in correlation with webmaking! We'd love to see what you're up to.

Reverse the learning pathway

  • Example: You started with the Xray Goggles and then did Thimble projects, would you be willing to start with Thimble projects next time and then show the Goggles? And let us know how that worked?

We're eager to find out how people are experimenting with learning pathways using Webmaker content, can you give us some feedback?

Change the learning pathway completely

  • You did XRay Goggles would you be willing to do a Thimble event?
  • You've done lots of html/css - have you thought about inviting your learners back and doing film?
  • You've been using Mozilla tools, have you tried out other tools?

Tell us about your experiences in detail. It will help us make better content!

Have a Parent Zone

Pathway for parents:

  1. While the kids are learning about remixing or taking first steps into webmaking using Thimble, talk to parents/play a game/role play to help them understand why webmaking is important to them as well as their kids and Open Web ethos (can be a very short activity/discussion). A lighting talk, discussion, conversation on what we all believe in terms of webmaking can serve as an orientation and validation for why they are there in the first place. The parents are a self selected group, so they are already interested in the skills their children are learning. Give them context as to why this is important and showing them examples of webmaking. Ask them what they WANT to learn about webmaking.
  2. Instructions and making on/with the tools their kids are using and introduction to HTML/CSS for their own benefit. This might use Thimble and the XRay Goggles as well. Also intros to other cool stuff on the web that they might use with their kids at a later date. Might suggest starting a Tumblr with their kids about X. Conceptually marry parenting and webmaking (make them laugh with online chore charts or "have you brushed your teeth" kind of language).
  3. Get parents making with their kids! Let the kids teach the parents and vice versa.
  4. Facilitators should keep note of what resources they used, and what kind of resources would have been helpful.

Helpful Stuff You Can do Anytime

Fix Stuff

Did you find a confusing comment in a Thimble project? Or run across a bug while using Popcorn? Tell us about it!

Localize Content

Sometimes cultural differences get overlooked and content is hard to understand. Did you find something in one of the projects that didn't make sense to you? Can you tell us about it?

Share Ideas

Build your own interest-based projects at your next event:

  • Break into subgroup by INTERESTS (ie people who are into youtube with other youtubers, people that are into games with other gamers). Flesh out the initial project ideas into fully formed ideas. Ideally with some intermediate/advanced people in every group who can help with the coding.
  • Have people begin to build their ideas, create an environment for feedback loops. Get them to iterate.
  • Have people put their ideas into the world. Use social networking to garner feedback -- be sure to tweet @Mozilla. Share your ideas on the Webmaker call.

Help us improve Thimble

Help us create projects that teach specific skills

Projects are a great way to teach small, bite-sized bits of HTML. Here are some examples of topics that could use missions:

  • How to make links
  • How to include images. (And how do you find an image's URL?)
  • HTML Lists
  • CSS classes
  • CSS positioning
  • etc.

Popcorn templates are also great ways to create DIY projects. Do you have an idea? Let us know!