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MDN site

  • New skin is in testing and we hope to deploy it soon.
  • Testing of MindTouch 2010 upgrade is underway separately. Deployment not yet scheduled.
  • Search on the current site is broken and likely to remain that way until the MindTouch 2010 upgrade is complete, unfortunately. Search is just completely hosed on the 2009 release.

Documentation content

  • sheppy: more documentation written, more to come.
  • We need a new design for our demo pages; we've not been consistent about this and the recommended style, which we've not used reliably, is very old.


  • We should have a public spreadsheet of topic areas and priorities for future releases, similar to the web product planning spreadsheet that's not currently public but has been very helpful.
  • Florian (Elchi3) has figured out how to display MathML in the wiki. See this example. This should work for SVG as well.
  • We need to only allow trusted users to upload files, and an even smaller subset should be able to delete them.