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Site admin

Documentation planning

  • We need to come up with a system for tracking and managing documentation in the new multi-branch development plan.
    • Tentative proposal: tag articles with "branch:branchname" so we can find them and set the versions on them when the tiem comes. But how do we handle sections and notes?
  • Sheppy is working on a sample of a tabbed interface for looking at mobile vs. desktop compatibility information.

Doc sprints

  • This Friday and Saturday, April 1-2
  • A major focus of this sprint will be adding compatibility tables to web standards (HTML/CSS/JS) pages. We discussed and rejected the idea of creating the tables with a template. We will create a blank table that can be copied and pasted. It will have columns for the various browsers (with Chrome and Safari separated), and tabs for desktop vs. mobile. Sheppy will create a prototype and share it with the community before the sprint.