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Doc Sprint

  • The next virtual doc sprint will be August 12-13, 2011, similar schedule to other virtual sprints. T-shirts and other swag will be offered to participants.
    • Starting 12 August, 14:00 UTC (7:00am PT)
    • Ending 13 April, 23:59 UTC (5:00pm PT)
    • Coordination via #devmo on
    • Planning and topics
    • If you've participated in the past, how about organizing a local meetup? Janet is having meetups both days in Austin TX. Kevin Lim is getting some Googlers together in Mountain View.
    • Also, did we mention swag?


  • MindTouch upgrade status (sheppy)


  • Firefox doc progress (sheppy) reachability

  • How do we make discoverable. I am enthusiastic about the whole project yet I found the way to get meeting announcement just two days ago by learning how to use newsgroup. Anyway we can make this better?