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  • State of the docs etherpad
  • (re)welcome teoli!

Organization notes

In order to help streamline documentation work, now that we have three full-time writers, one will be assigned as the coordinator for each release as it progresses through the release train process. sheppy will continue to coordinate Firefox 9. teoli will coordinate Firefox 10. jms is on Firefox 11. When Firefox 9 ships, sheppy will take on Firefox 12, and so forth.

This doesn't imply that each writer will only write about that version; this is just to establish a point-person to drive each release's docs.

We'll maintain a list of who's responsible for which docs here: Documentation Drivers


  • Firefox 9 docs should be "finished" today or tomorrow.


  • Possible translation sprint in Turkey in December? BYK and berkerpeksag
  • Jeremie Patonnier is leading a sprint in Paris right now (during the meeting). He organizes a weekly MDN event, for 2 hours every Wednesday.
  • Kevin Lim is organizing a Google mini-sprint for Monday, Dec. 12, with contributors from Israel and Europe, as well as Mountain View.