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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PDT. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!


  • If you would like sponsorship from Mozilla to attend the Open Help conference, please submit this request form. Expect a response around the end of June. Contact Janet (jswisher at mozilla dot com) with any questions.


  • Staff writers continue to be swamped with work on B2G, apps, and the like, so anything our broader community can do to help with Firefox documentation is a huge help.
  • See our doc tracker for a great list of stuff you can help with.
  • Sheppy will be attending FISL to work on recruiting Portuguese speaking localizers and writers.
  • You can now use the style "cssprop" for the CSS property info blocks at the top of CSS property documentation pages, instead of trying to embed the style inline. \o/


  • We will launch within 25 days!
  • We have an ongoing test cycle; please participate! Our timeline to launch is very short so we need all the testing we can get.
  • We will be ready to start translating DekiScript templates into KumaScript ones very soon, possibly this week. See this guide for information on how KumaScript works.
  • It's making very rapid progress. You can watch Scrumbugs to keep up with the work being done.

Open Mic

  • Anything else you want to ask about or discuss? Open floor time!