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Getting started

Before testing, take a moment to get set up. This should not take very long, even for a beginner.

  1. Create an account on Bugzilla, the bug-reporting website used by Mozilla.
    • Visit the new account page.
    • Enter your email address in the bottom-right corner.
    • Confirm your email address.
  2. Join the discussion on IRC (optional)


Testing doesn't need to be time-consuming. Contribute as little or as much time as you want.

Five minutes

  1. Browse the future MDN. Important: Please do not edit this site. Any changes made here will be seen on the new MDN when it goes live.
  2. Keep the guiding questions in mind.
  3. Pay special attention to content. Do the pages look alright? What about images and file attachments? How about code samples?
  4. Compare pages to the versions on the current MDN. For example, compare the future HTML5 page to the current HTML5 page.
  5. Share your thoughts. We will work with you to correct any problems you find.

A half hour

  1. Use the development website. Note that this is a sandbox. You can create and edit pages here, but most of the MDN content you are familiar will not be present.
  2. Create a new account on this site. Because it is just a development sandbox, your existing MDN account has not been ported over.
  3. Keep the guiding questions in mind.
  4. Test new pages
    • Create pages by following links to nonexistent pages
    • Create pages by going directly to nonexistent pages
    • Create pages by using the New subpage button
    • Create several layers of sub-pages using the methods above
  5. Test editing
    • Pay special attention to the WYSIWYG editor. Try to break it!
    • Test the formatting - headers, bullets, titles, etc.
    • Add some file attachments
    • Add some images
    • Add some code samples
  6. Test links
    • Try the new link editor
    • Search for a target page.
    • Pay special attention to the interface.
  7. Test localization tools
    • Translate a page
    • Make sure that your translated page is listed under the languages dropdown
    • Make sure that the framework/UI is in the correct language
  8. Test templates
    • Try editing a template
  9. Share your thoughts. We will work with you to correct any problems you find.

An hour or more

Try all of the above. Test some things that we never even thought to consider. See if you can break the website. The world is your oyster.


In just a short amount of time, you have made the MDN better for users everywhere. This is no small accomplishment. Thank you.


Guiding questions

  • Does everything work? Are you able to do the same things you could do on the old MDN wiki?
  • Is the interface understandable and easy to use?
  • Does all of the content look ok? Is anything from the current MDN site missing?
  • Do you have any ideas for making the wiki better?

Latest features

  • Preview feature that shows the page including fully-processed templates
  • Allow logged-in users to edit sections and not just whole pages
  • Allow more HTML attributes in content (specifically for tables)
  • Smarter linking; highlight text, hit the link button, search field is pre-populated with the highlighted text.
  • L10n: Title and Slug fields populated from the original English as a default on new translation
  • Print stylesheet implemented
  • Parent designations now display as links instead of simple paths
  • Breadcrumbs implemented
  • Allowing for previews to be posted to a new window
  • Removing hardcoded document title URL, adding DIV usage instead
  • Adding the docs toolbar for crumbs, translation menu
  • fixed revision history (compare working again)
  • Show only languages where translations are available, "add translation" link
  • User returns to same page after login