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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PT. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!

MDN development

  • MDN sprint planning meetings take place every other Wednesday at 11 AM PT (following MDN community meetings). Feedback about MDN features and bugs can be brought up in the MDN development meeting.

Web Platform Docs

Crussell asked about the Contributor Agreement for Web Platform Docs. It primarily address original works of authorship, for example "Contributor asserts that it has all rights necessary to so license its Contributions". He noted that the secondary license (i.e., WPD contributors grant W3C the right to relicense their content) is a "bit of a turn-off", and that the agreement doesn't address content from other sources, such as MDN.

Web Platform Docs does accept CC-BY-SA content (such as from MDN) under the original license. The requirements for accepting CC-BY-SA content are described on the External Attribution page of When you create a page on WPD, there is an option to indicate that the content is CC-BY-SA and give a link to the original source. This is not obvious if you haven't created an account and tried to create a page. The External Attribution page also describes how to mark CC-BY-SA content when it is mixed in with other content.

MDN community members (and anyone else) are encouraged to copy MDN content to WPD where it makes sense to do so, as long as the license requirements are followed.