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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PDT (18:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!

Add your agenda items below. Please include your IRC nickname in parens, so we know whose item it is.

MDN Work Weekend

We had a great work weekend! 34 Mozillians from around the world touched over 400 bugs, finished 23 projects, and had a great time doing it. You can find details on what was accomplished on the wiki.

  • We'll do another later in the year!


  • (teoli) You are translating articles, or want to be? You are managing a l10n community? We are currently rolling out new l10n dashboards. We want to help you testing these tools and give us feedback. They are there to ease your work. Please take contact with fscholz or teoli (e-mail, dev-mdc, twitter, or IRC!)
  • (teoli) Topic Boxes are starting to be added on the meta-documentation pages; with info about how to contact topic drivers. If you see a place where we should have some, add it or ping us!