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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PDT (17:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!

Add your agenda items below. Please include your IRC nickname in parens, so we know whose item it is.

New people?

  • If you're new to this meeting or to MDN, please speak up and introduce yourself.



  • Jean-Yves will send his current blog post to Janet for possibly publishing on about:community.
  • Ali will write a blog post on how to host a "Hacking MDN" event.


  • Janet will start a discussion on dev-mdc about improving this meeting (and include ideas suggested today).
  • Ali will write a blog post on how to host a "Hacking MDN" event, by the end of this week.


  • (jms) Structure of this meeting: How can we make this meeting more engaging for MDN community?
    • (klez) maybe moving some stuff to the mailing list? we should decide what needs real-time conversation and take the rest there
    • (alispivak) I'd love to have more discussion of content projects, bugs, etc. plus any challenges people are facing
    • (fscholz) This meeting happens 3 times in one 6 week release cycle. Anything we could share regarding dev-doc-needed bugs maybe?
    • (teoli) I think we need both things: a show and tell to foster discusion, a talk about tasks to get help. If the meeting is giving only tasks, people won't find it fun to attend.
    • (Jeremie) At first glance, having an overview of what is needed in the short term could help, priority, rush, etc. Then having some information about long term projects. But basically: what has happen, what's coming and where to find more info. Also thanking contributors for the last two weeks (by name) and putting that in the meeting notes could be nice.
  • (teoli) Encouraging contribution
    • To Jeremie: what is your experience with the meta-documentation you wrote for Learning Zone. Are you happy with the contribution it is driving?
    • (Jeremie) The meta doc I wrote is just a basis to answer some direct question but there is more task oriented stuff to do. The feedback I get tend to said that more guidance is expected and mentoring.
    • (alispivak) We probably should get some mentors for the learning area
    • (teoli) Should we "define" mentors for different areas? Rather then telling them to come on IRC, we could add: if you are dealing with JS, feel welcome to ask Fscholz, …
    • (klez) After some basic training (and eventually someone to escalate to) I would volunteer to help mentoring for the glossary.
    • (Jeremie) That's the whole idea of topic drivers, but we do not really promote them.
    • (fscholz) Contacting contributors via emails was helpful for me so far, btw. So, when you see activity by people: talk to them. Can we encourage people to leave contact data on their profiles for now? Like: "You can contact me [here] if you have questions about my edits". "Yes, feel free to write me about my edits ..." Because non-admins can't communicate with others most of the time.
    • (jms) Can we also mention the topic drivers on each doc status page? We should update the Topic driver role document to emphasize mentoring.


  • Brief report from ESC (Venice-IT 29-30-31 Aug) (klez)
  • Regional MDN Hack Days in Q3/4
    • JS Conf EU (Berlin, September 12-15) -- CANCELLED
    • JSFoo (India, September 17-20) - to be confirmed
    • Portland, US - to be confirmed
  • MozFest, October 24-26, London
    • Ali is organizing DevRel presence/activities, submissions have been closed.
    • At the festival itself, we are looking to have a "Dev recommended path" that participants who identify with that interest could follow. It could have some extra context/tips for getting the most out of the experience as developers, some tour guides or fellow journeymen, and links/ideas to stay involved with the Dev community afterward? Plus mini sessions / breakouts during the festival where everyone checks in with one another.


  • Starting up a project to create and provide to the community a series of videos that provide a deep dive into Mozilla products/technologies for developers. These would compliment Hacks posts and MDN content, and serve as a resource that our community members could show at developer meetups around the world. Looking for ideas for videos, as well as any community memebers who would like to do videos on their area of expertise! [Video Project](ali)

Meeting log