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Developer Video project

A series of videos that provide a deep dive into Mozilla products and open web technologies for developers. These would complement Hacks posts and MDN content, and serve as a resource for our community. Community members have asked for more in-depth resources, particularly ones they can use to drive building developer communities in their locales. The content of the videos would help educate and empower developers (inside and outside of the Mozilla community), spur discussion, and collect feedback that could be passed back to Mozilla product and technology teams. Videos would also be available to developers through links on Hacks and MDN.

Videos will be integrated into the "Topic in a Box" program that will include slides, additional resources, tips for organizing developer meetups, and more.

Videos will be hosted on a dedicated MDN channel on AirMozilla, based on the following requirements:

System Requirements:

  • able to host long and short format videos and demos (met by Airmo)
  • supports subtitling of videos (met by Airmo)
  • videos can be downloaded (met by Airmo)
  • consistent with Mozilla & MDN brand (met by Airmo)

Next steps:

  • Create airMo channel (completed)
  • Synch up with pathways & community teams (completed)
  • get list of potential topics from community (in process)
  • Record and advertise initial videos
  • Create instructions for subtitling AirMo videos

Video Topics:

Please add to the list of potential videos in the etherpad: Topics

Future enhancements:

  • Integrate with Popcorn to let users upload a video, edit it, mark it up with appropriate titles and subtitles, correlate the video with slides or code samples, and so forth; then they could submit it to be added to MDN's video library.