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Project statement

The localization dashboard project was started as a Google Summer of Code project and is now available on MDN for beta users (turn yourself into a beta user in your profile!). The goal of this project is now to find out what further improvements are needed to make the l10n dashboard as useful as possible for the MDN localization community. It should increase localization activity and provide an overview of progress.


  • [DONE] Display pages in need of an update (compare English doc date vs. locale doc date)
  • [DONE] Filter listed pages with a topic filter
  • [DONE] Display locale pages where no association (parent page) to an English is given
  • Add alphabetical ordering (asc/desc)
  • Filter out User:, Talk: and User_Talk: pages
  • Display locale pages currently in progress of localization (current implementation needs fixing)
  • Display pages not yet translated at all
  • Display pages not yet translated or outdated in comparison to English and that are priority or mission critical (hand-collected in short-term maybe, by metrics in long-term)
  • Switch to a better pagination (same for revision dashboard). See here for inspiration.
  • Display "progress bars" to filtered views
  • Provide a new flag "localization requested" to the filter modes and add it to the pages to request a translation / an update.


Development resources

Next steps