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Web compatibility tables (WCT) are one of the key features of MDN. They allow users to know more about the reliability of any web standard feature and to ease the use of web technologies. Currently, the data is gathered and maintained "by hand". Thanks to our awesome community we have some good data. However, this is hardly sustainable, as the number of technologies is growing as well as the complexity of the implementations. We start to face some difficulties to stay up to date and to provide and improve content regarding this data.


Long terms goals and how we see the project is elaborated in the Vision Document

2016 Planning

An actionable breakdown is available in the project milestones page.

End of year goals:

  • At the end of the year, must
    • be a standalone data service with its own set of contributors
    • have an agile, continuous delivery process
    • provide compatibility data both in read and write mode
    • have MDN to be its first client
  • At the end of the year, MDN must:
    • Display better and more reliable browser compatibility data
    • Display browser compatibility data in different and more contextual ways
    • Display more compatibility data about new browsers/environments
    • Provide a smooth contribution pathway to

Current stats

Current milestone: Bicycle (frozen) Achievement: 46%

Deprecated (to be archived):

Meeting minutes

Public project meeting occurs every two weeks on Tuesday at 18:00 UTC in the MDN Vidyo room.

Bugzilla raw backlog

List of all open bugs for the project. The objective is to reach 0 major and normal bugs for milestones other than TARDIS

Main tracking bug:

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Get Involved

Any one who wish to get involved with this project is welcome. This page will provide information about the project and its progress. Everything is discuss directly on the dev-mdn mailing list. Schedule and progress are summarized on the the mdn mailing list.

Who's in charge?

Responsibilities for the project are define through the following RASCI matrix:

The main contact points are the following:

Join the discussion and meet the team

A public project meeting occurs every two weeks on Tuesday at 18:00 UTC in the MDN Vidyo room. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Beside the project meeting, everything is discussed on mailing lists:

  • dev-mdc: Functional discussion (Features prioritization, data, content, UX)
  • dev-mdn: Technical discussion (Architecture, QA, Dev work)
  • mdn: Project management discussion (Prioritization, status, decision)

On a daily basis, the team members are available for discussion during their respective working hours on IRC:

  • on the #mdn channel (functional).
  • on the #mdndev channel (technical).

How to help?

Depending on your skills, this project offers many contribution opportunities:


The data repository is a full Django application, so if you know Python, Django and HTML/CSS/JS you're welcome to help.

UX & Design

Displaying and contributing data in a way that makes it understandable and usable by everyone is quite challenging. If you are skilled in design and UX, your help is more than welcome.

Data Management

Our data is currently hosted on MDN itself and we need some help to clean and normalize it and do the transition to our new data repository. If you want us to move faster, this is where your help is needed and it doesn't required any particular skills. :)

Tracking tools


The project is now two years old and we have some outdated documents that we keep for information purposes, but be aware that they are no longer canonical for the project.