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This is a proposed plan for a project to add a drawing/diagramming tool to the MDN wiki powered by Kuma. It's a longer-term project; something very useful, but not urgent.

Project statement

The goal of this project is to improve our documentation by making it both easier to create diagrams and making it easier to update and localize them by having the diagrams' source file available (by saving it alongside the output SVG or PNG file).

Features desired:

  1. Ability to insert an existing or new diagram into an article at any place.
  2. Ability to specify the size to draw the diagram at.
  3. Support for editing new or existing diagrams.
  4. Keep the editor's native file around for updating or localizing.

See [bug|1069343] for status etc.


  • Improve content by making it easy to create, insert, update, and translate diagrams.
  • Improve standardization of diagrams' appearance using diagram templates or predefined styles.


Additional thoughts and requirements

Development resources

  • Consider using the editor behind -- mxGraph. This is a fantastic JavaScript based editor which can output SVG and PNG, and can be hacked on to integrate it with MDN better.
  • Another option is This has a lot of promise too, although it's not as refined.

Next steps