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The editing interface on MDN, implemented using CKEditor, leaves a lot to be desired. This isn't due to problems with CKEditor (at least, not primarily), but because we have not invested any energy or time into properly customizing the configuration of the editor. This project is about changing that for the better at last.

Of course, we must go into this knowing full well that we don't have the resources for a massive project to redo the editing experience.

There are a few categories of changes that should be investigated:

  • Editor preferences changes. Let's be sure the editor is fundamentally configured right for our needs.
  • Toolbar options. We need to get rid of toolbar buttons that we don't need (or don't want people to use) and add useful stuff that we're currently missing.
  • Hotkeys. We should evaluate our current hotkey usage and look into adding new ones as appropriate.
  • Plugins. There are lots of plugins available that add useful features to the editor; we should review the options and see if any would be helpful. We should also consider writing custom plugins if doing so would be advantageous.

We must also be certain we document any user-facing changes which are made.

Preference changes

Toolbar widgets


  • Add a widget which allows selecting a page template to start with when creating a page (either by adding to the new page workflow or by allowing you to do this when you first have opened a "new page" editor).