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The goal of this project is to design, implement, and deploy an enhanced user experience for code sample snippets and live code samples on MDN.

These are subtly different.

  • Code snippets are short segments of example code that are used in a descriptive context without being part of a live sample. These should be presented in essentially the same way as live samples (except without the live sample functionality). All other features should be present, however.
  • Live samples are examples that consist of one or more of CSS, HTML, and/or JavaScript code snippets which are used together to create a viewable, usable sample in an <iframe>.

This document will lay out the requirements for each of these, as well as offer some non-binding suggestions for how it should look and feel.

This project is extremely important; we know that most developers prefer code they can study or even simply snag and re-use. Having a good system for creating and maintaining these is crucial.

The current mechanism is creative and functional, but difficult to use in many respects. It's past time to make it better!

The top three

Because the dev team is busy, we've come up with a "top three" list of the things that most urgently need to be done.




Additional thoughts and requirements

Development resources

Next steps