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NOTE: This page describes a recognition program that ran from March 2015 to November 2015. These recognition badges are no longer being awarded.

We recognize you!

MDN contributors are constantly improving the content on MDN, bit by bit and page by page. We are so thankful for your efforts and we want to recognize you for your hard work. Below you will find ways on how you can be recognized.

MDN Starter Badge |MDN Star Badge | MDN Contributor of the Month

MDN Starter Badge

Mdn starter badge.png

The MDN Starter Badge recognizes a user's first contribution that is constructive and helpful. This badge aims to encourage first-time contributors to continue contributing to MDN. It can include improvements to text, sample code, or compatibility data.

You can nominate yourself or someone else for an MDN Starter Badge (shortlink: Please include the person's profile, a link to their contribution, and an explanation of why it is helpful.

Minimum criteria

  • Only one contribution is needed for this badge, but it must be the user's first contribution.
  • Examples of helpful contributions include:
    • Fixing broken code syntax
    • Adding compatibility data
    • Fixing typos or grammar/usage errors
    • Updating technical information
    • Improving the clarity of text
    • Adding or updating a translation of a page

MDN Star Badge

Mdn star badge.png

The MDN Star Badge recognizes significant contributions to Mozilla Developer Network.

You can nominate yourself or someone else who has done splendid contributions to MDN for an MDN Star Badge (shortlink: Please include the person's profile link, and explanation of why their contribution is splendid (with links), as well as your own username.

Users who receive the MDN Star Badge will also be vouched on, the directory of Mozillians.

Minimum criteria

  • The user must have recent contributions, with links.
  • "Significant" contributions are ones that improve the quality of content on MDN, in terms of accuracy, completeness, consistency, or readability, and involve a substantial amount of effort. It can be new content, editing or updating existing content, or translating content.

MDN Contributor of the Month

Each month we will feature one MDN Contributor on the "about:community" blog and MDN social media channels. The Contributor of the Month may be selected from the nominees for the MDN Star badge during the preceding month, during the first MDN Community meeting of each month.

An MDN Contributor of the Month will be recognized in the weekly Mozilla project meeting as a "Friend of Mozilla", and in MDN social media channels.