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LDIF Exporting

We would like some information on how other products manage exporting of LDIF files. This is primarily to improve our current ldif exporting. The questions we'd like answered are:

  • Does it prompt for any information on export?
  • What does it include in the "dn:" field for each card/list in the address book.

For example, Address Book (Thunderbird or SeaMonkey) does the following:

  • No prompt on export.
  • For cards it outputs the cn and primary email e.g. "dn: cn=DisplayName,mail=PrimaryEmail", for lists it just outputs the cn e.g. "dn: cn=maillist"

So - listed below are the main applications for which we'd like information about, please, add to this page if you are able to test them. If we've missed one off, please feel free to add it to the list.


I just checked on Outlook 2000 and there was no apparent functionality for exporting ldif formats. I've not got access to any later versions to check those.

--Standard8 06:58, 29 Jan 2006 (PST)

I had check on MS outlook 2007, no export to LDIF, only CSV or tab delimiter export in version i see. --Actarus2003 14:05, 25 May 2009 (UTC) (stefano)

Outlook Express

Information Wanted - but probably the same as outlook


Information Wanted

Mac Address Book

It doesn't export ldif, however it imports it. It does seem like it's import-filter for ldif is made to handle Moz's format.

Not really the right place for this, but Moz needs vCard-import capabilities to work with the Mac since Mac AB doesn't export in ldif...

Java LDAP Addressbook Front-end (jabook)

Java LDAP Addressbook Front-end is a tool which appears to be designed to fill exactly the need here; it's even based on the mozOrgPerson schema. It is java-based, but looking at it might help someone, so I figure it's worth linking to.

Lotus Notes

It does not export or import LDIF; however, it does handle VCard (VCF) and comma separated formats.