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We would like to greatly improve the functionality of the address book for both SeaMonkey and Thunderbird. However the developers that are currently working on address book don't have enough time to work on it all themselves. Hence we'd like some help. --Standard8 05:08, 9 Nov 2005 (PST)

If you'd like to help with something, come and talk to us on [1]

The main areas we would like help in (and hence improving) are:

  • Address Book Card Reorganisation
    • The address book card dialog needs relaying out so that it supports lower resolutions better.
    • We would like to increase the number of fields that we support.
    • See below for further details.
  • Undo implementation
    • We currently have no support for undo of operations within address book, we'd at least like a basic implementation, the back end manager is there, but we need ot link the transactions to it bug 94407.
  • Mailing Lists
    • There are various areas we need help on.
      • Display/updates of mailing lists on the main address book window. This seems to need some rework of how the current update notification processes work.
      • Nested mailing lists: bug 40301 This would give greater flexibility for our list functionality.
      • Rework the mailing list property display (and possibly how cards link together. Bug bug 313497 has some good ideas.
  • VCard implementation
    • Currently, we only support VCard version 2.1 bug 29106. we'd like to extend this to version 3 and look at the possiblities of implementing hCards alongside it.


Useful resources/links:

Quality Assurance

With all the changes currently going on in address book, regression testing will become very useful. We also need help and triage with some of the unconfirmed bugs on address book.

Please be aware that there are several bugzilla categories directly relevant to address book:

  • Mozilla Application Suite -> Address Book
  • Thunderbird -> Address Book
  • Core -> MailNews: Address Book
  • Core -> MailNews: LDAP Integration

Useful links: