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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

If you like mentoring open source enthusiastics, you could find conducting Marketplace Day event and help many newbies getting started with code contribution to the Marketplace code base.


Marketplace Day could be a full day event or overnight event where mentors gives sessions to attendees about all basic pre-requisites for code contributions, help participants in setting up the development environment on their systems and help them in fixing their good-first-bugs.


  • 20-30 is recommended
  • Skillset should be appropriate for the focus of the event
    • Knowledge of Web development technologies
    • Experience of code contribution

Venue, Duration, & Food

Good venues for these events are:

  • Mozilla space
  • Co-working spaces

Weekends are preferable, especially for attendees who are working or in school/college.

Day events (8am-5pm)

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snacks

Overnight events (6pm-6am)

  • Dinner
  • Night Snacks
  • Breakfast


  • [30 min] Lets break out with Ice breaker sessions and get introduced with each other
  • [1 hr] Session about Mozilla, Firefox OS, Firefox Marketplace & Marketplace community
  • [30 min] Ways to contribute to Marketplace
  • [30 min] Food / Fun
  • [2 hr] Sessions on pre-requisites for code contributions (linux & terminal, git & github, bugzilla, irc)
  • [5 hrs] Setting up dev environment & working on good first bug
  • [30 min] Review the whole event, Action plans and follow up plan

Planning event

At least 3 weeks before event

1 week before event

  • Close registration form and send mails to all attendees. You can use these mail formats.

During the event


Icebreaker Ideas

How to get involved

  • Mailing list
  • IRC
  • Bi-weekly community meeting
  • Contribution wiki page

Useful Links

This document is still under progress