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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Firefox Marketplace is the only app store dedicated to providing content built with HTML5 standards and open source values. Help bring openness, freedom, and user choice to the world of app publishing.

Connect with us

Mailing List

Email marketplace-contributors mailing list with any questions about contribution.

Contact Us

Public Meetings

See a list of all public Marketplace meetings:

Add-ons & Marketplace Community Meeting

AMMO Team Open Chat Sessions

Goodfirstbugs Triage

Contribute to Marketplace

There's lots of different ways to contribute to this project, and every skill level is welcome. Whether you're nominating apps for featuring, creating an open web app, or reviewing app submissions, your efforts matter!

For all levels of technical ability:

One & Done

Don't have much time but want to do something to help Marketplace? Pick a 15-minute task.

Test and rate apps

  1. Go to on your mobile device and find an app with fewer than 10 reviews that interests you.
  2. Install and sample the app. If it's broken or has mature or unsafe content, use the "Report Abuse" button to notify the app review team.
  3. Rate and review the app by clicking the "Write a Review" button. See Tips

Nominate apps to be featured

Help curate the apps that are featured on Marketplace by nominating your favorite app or collection of apps.


  1. MDN has a "localization priorities" list that you can check to find a translation project you're interested in.
  2. Help localize Firefox Marketplace itself (UI, Help pages, etc.) by working with the L10n team.

For more technical contributors:

Create an app

To get started, take a look at the App Center. It contains documentation, tools and information on how to join the open web apps community.

Contribute code to Marketplace

If you're a developer and want to make better, we'd love your help! To get started, please complete the on-boarding process:

Review app submissions

Want to be the first to see the best apps and be a key contributor to building a thriving marketplace for app developers on the Open Web? Join the app review team!

Help test Marketplace

If you are interested in testing Firefox Marketplace, you can join the quality team, or tackle a One & Done task. Learn more about QA contributions here:

Help app developers

If you're familiar with app development and enjoy technical writing, you can:


Provide feedback around Open Web Apps with ideas and feature suggestions for how to make them and the web as a whole more powerful:

Contributor Recognition

Bug Fixes

See the "goodfirstbugs" marked as FIXED in the past 5 weeks!

Top Reviewers of the Month

Volunteer reviewers contribute to the health and safety of Marketplace. Big thanks to last month's top reviewers:

Reviewer Review count
1 Jaipradeesh 105
2 Viswaprath Ks 102
3 Adrian Crespo 80
4 William Dorffer 54
5 Rigin Oommen 25

Report Your Contributions

We want to make sure you're recognized for your contributions!

  1. Create a Mozillians profile if you haven't already.
  2. Add your name and accomplishments on the Recognition wiki page (please be specific--these will be archived by month, so list your recent contributions).

We regularly choose an outstanding contributor (Friend of Marketplace) and send that person a token of appreciation. Any contribution is eligible--it doesn't have to be an opportunity listed on this page!

Friends of Marketplace

Big thanks to these outstanding volunteer contributors!