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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Value Props (woot!)

  • Mozillian Mission
    • advancing web standards & webRT (V2)
    • not a walled garden (V2)
    • hours spent in gecko / ffx browser (V2)
      • content partner dependent
    • drive firefox accounts creation (v2)
    • ffx return visits (V3+)
  • App Devs (Long Tail)
    • opportunity for desktop consumers to see apps and marketplace catalog (increased eyeballs / visibility) (V2)
    • write once, tweak everywhere (V2)
    • reach desktop users with native experience with fast start (V2)
    • offer access to more / better services (V3+)
  • Content Partners (Tier 1 apps)
    • persistent promotion of desktop partners (V2)
      • gaming, media and productivity targeting 500m users (V3+)
      • snippets, sponsored tiles, tools menu, hamburger placement and/or newsletters (V2)
    • increased engagement in the app from cross-platform experience (V3+)
    • performance: local storage and file size availability (V2)
  • Consumers
    • enthusiasts & middle managers, casual gamers & productivity (V2)
    • independent trusted alternative ecosystem
    • apps follow users around the ecosystem (android, desktop, fxOS)(V3+)
    • app send to phone (V3+)
  • Mobile Partners
    • > consumer visibility to marketplace (games) = > more awareness of OS ecosystem (V2)
      • requires content promotion of FxOS (V3+)
    • mobile payments revenue (eventually) on desktop (V3+)

Upcoming Releases

Release 1, About:Apps

  • Target Launch : Sept
  • Firefox 33
    • Sept 2nd is Firefox 33 in beta - that's our sweet spot!!
    • Oct 15 for general audience
  • App Dev focused, Casual games & Productivity
  • Minimum technical requirements & ux changes for dogfooding w/ nightly, aurora users
  • Exposure in desktop browser via Tools or Hamburger menu
  • Community Apps testing @ Marketplace Day, 26-Jun
  • List of Apps for Testing
    • GAMES
    • Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances
    • WGT Golf
    • Mobialia Chess 3D
    • Pathuku
    • Word Wars
    • Pasjans/Solitaire
    • esviji
    • Number Connect
    • Missing Magician
    • My Candy
    • Jewels
    • Jelly Blox
    • Litewrite
    • Sopler
    • W2MO
    • MessageMe
  • Milestones needing a deadline
    • sponsored tiles live and ready for partners
    • Tier 1 Content Partner identified
    • catalog assessment for desktop apps
    • internal Roadshow Deck created with value prop and estimated traffic
    • marketing plans: beta, g.a. - app dev relations plan
    • long term vision for desktop
    • ability to track that an app installs is coming from desktop