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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Current status available in the Workstream Milestone Tracking document


This goal of this phase is to allow users to find mobile optomized websites on the home page as well as to have community involvement with a small group.

It should:

  • Customer Facing: Consumers can discover websites from home page of Marketplace
  • Community Involvement: A few Community Members (select members of curation board) will be able to select websites from a wishlist and add their preferred websites to that list
  • Reviewer Involvement: Reviewers will be able to review a submitted website against content guidelines and best practices
  • Editor Involvement: Editors can curate and publish websites to home page - "Featured Website", "Editorial Brands" and Collections


Product Strategy and Design Work

Product Requirement Document

Summary: States the product requirements for Phase 1

Summary: Pulls out the product requirements for Phase 1

Engineering Considerations

  • Story Map (google drawing)
  • MOWs are visible to consumers on the homepage
  • MOWs can be featured on the homepage by editors
    • in two front-end modules: a 3-site feature, and an 8-site carousel
      • 3-site shows icon, site name, and a 'Visit this top site!' link to the site (not the detail page)
        • questions: "top" site?
      • 8-site shows effectively a featured website tile (site name, categories, icon, open button) plus index counter and 'Show me another site' link that chooses the next.
        • questions: what happens when you advance? does it go to n+1? can you go backwards? does it loop? does it remember where you left off?
    • 11 sites are randomly pulled
    • ...from sites tagged with /featured-website(-xx)?/ (where 'xx' is the region code)
  • submission tool (TBD)
    • possible automation for data retrieval and verification
  • future submission process, defined
  • reviewer tool (TBD)
  • future reviewer process, defined

Tracking bugs

Tracking bug: 1162135

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