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A repository for some additional canned responses till they're finalised and put on the site.

Missing/Inadequate Summary/Description

 Thanks for your submission. Please provide more metadata about your app, such as a summary and/or description that explains the functionality of your app. 

Receipt not checked

We have detected your App does not check the receipt we issued.  Without receipt checking users could use your app without paying, or continue to use the App after requesting a refund.  Please see this page for details:

Widget field in manifest

The widget field is not/no-longer supported.  Please remove it from the manifest.

Carrier pre-install bug

we have received notice from the carrier certification team of the following issue(s):


All updates to pre-install apps must be APPROVED no later than May 10 to make it into the final build. Apps with outstanding issues may be dropped from the pre-install grid!

Please reply to this email to acknowledge that you can make the required changes by the May 10th deadline.  Thanks.