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All apps submitted to the Firefox Marketplace are reviewed for adherence to our policies, including quality, security, privacy, and user experience requirements.

To join the app review team, you'll need to submit an application. These applications help us determine if you've got the right set of skills, devices, and language expertise for the regions Marketplace is expanding to. (You can Apply now.) Benefits include fast tracked reviews of your own apps, invitations to Mozilla events, contests, and our Incentives program.

App Review Team


The Review Guide is a step by step guide on how to use the Marketplace Reviewer Tools to review an app. People interested in becoming App Reviewers should read it to get an idea of what's required.


The Marketplace Review Criteria document details our official review criteria on what we will and won't accept, and how we will perform reviews. This policy will evolve over time, but only in response to specific technical or security needs. We'll never ban whole genres of apps just because we don't like the business model.

Like on all app stores, sometimes apps are rejected when they shouldn't be. Most apps submitted to Marketplace are reviewed by your peers rather than paid staff, and we all have a shared goal to provide meaningful feedback and catch issues developers may miss during their own testing. If you have a question about your review feedback, just reply to the notification email you receive or visit us in #app-reviewers. We're happy to discuss or change your review if it turns out we messed up.