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Processing the Queue

The primary 'Apps' queue is where you'll see new submissions and resubmissions for new apps that were rejected. The queue is sorted by waiting time from the most recent submission, with the oldest submission at the top.

The columns:

  • App name: This is a link to the review details page, also sometimes called the app history page. A lock icon next to it means that another reviewer is currently looking at this app, so check with them before making changes.
  • Flags
    • Pending info request: More Information Requested.png A blue icon with an 'i' in the middle. A reviewer has requested additional information from the developer. The response from the developer will be sent to the app-reviewers mailing list.
    • Reviewer comments: Contains Editor Comment.png A user icon with a speech bubble. This means a reviewer has left a comment about the submission, such as making a note about login info, or asking for other reviewers to verify a bug. Developers can't see these comments.
    • Packaged app: Packaged App.png A yellow cube. This is a packaged app, meaning the contents are packaged into a zip file which is downloaded from Marketplace, rather than being hosted from the web. The review process for packaged apps is the same as hosted apps, but developers must submit updated versions for approval.
    • Privileged app: Privileged App.png A yellow P. This only applies to packaged apps. These apps request additional API's that can access sensitive user data, such as contacts. Privileged apps go through an additional code review process and can only be reviewed by senior reviewers, but reviewers of all levels can still see them in the queue.
  • Waiting time: How long the app has been waiting in the queue.
  • Devices: The devices this app supports. The options are
    • Firefox Desktop Firefox Desktop.png
    • Firefox Mobile (Android) Firefox Mobile(Android).png
    • Firefox Tablet (Android) Firefox tablet(Android).png
    • Firefox OS. Firefox OS.png

Note: Don't review apps that are submitted for devices you don't have.

Tip: you can hover over an icon for a short description of what it means.

Where possible try to review apps in queue order, prioritizing the apps at the top of the queue. Sometimes apps at the top of the queue are waiting for more information from the developer or are blocked on some other issue, so if you see a note in the app history and you don't know how to resolve the blocker, just skip to the next app.