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Reviewer Ethics

  • Reviewers must never complete reviews, or moderate user reviews, on apps or add-ons they have contributed code to, or have a financial interest in. If you have a question whether this applies in your case please ask Marketplace Staff.
  • When performing reviews and communicating with developers, please maintain a professional and courteous tone at all times. If a developer is being stubborn, offensive or otherwise uncooperative, don't reply and escalate the case to Marketplace Staff.
  • Reviewers should not publicly share details of feedback given during an apps review - some developers are not comfortable negative comments being public. The developer is free to discuss and disclose it as they wish though - we try to be an open and transparent as we can.
  • Reviewers are encouraged to review apps or add-ons they have reviewed before. Having knowledge of the operation and code is beneficial and saves time. However, reviewers should refrain from exclusively dedicating their time to a handful of apps or add-ons, or reviewing too many versions of the same app or add-on consecutively (say, more than 4).
  • Occasionally, developers may offer to show their appreciation for an reviewer's time and assistance by offering a gift, such as a t-shirt with the product's logo. Small gifts are allowable, but we require all gifts to be disclosed to the Developer Relations Lead as soon as possible.