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The Announcement is maintained by Marketplace Staff, and it appears on a yellow box at the top of all reviewer pages. It normally has important messages, so make sure you read it whenever it's around. It can indicate where reviewers should direct their focus, recent policy changes, or important notices about specific reviews pending in the queue.

Queue summary view

The reviewer homepage has a handy summary view of the queues, giving a clear visual representation on how we stand with reviews. Hovering over the segments indicate the amount and percentages of reviews on each category. This should give you a good idea where to focus if the Announcement isn't explicit about it.

Queues summary

The colors represent:

  • Red: reviews waiting for over 10 days.
  • Yellow: between 5 and 10 days.
  • Green: less than 5 days.


The review queues are centerpiece of the reviewer tools. They can be accessed from the queues menu. There are 3 normal app queues (plus some additional device/region specific queues and an escalation queue):

  • Apps: All new app submissions, plus resubmissions for rejections.
  • Re-reviews: apps that we have detected have had potentially significant changes made to them.
  • Updates: new versions for existing approved packaged apps.
  • (Escalations: staff and senior reviewers only queue. All apps that have been escalated for further attention by app reviewers)
  • Reviewing: This contains easy install buttons for all the review pages you have open on any device. So you can open a review page on Desktop and easily install the app on a mobile device.
Review queues menu

The queues will be covered in detail throughout this guide.


On these pages you can look for previous reviews performed by you or other team members.