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This page is only necessary for FirefoxOS pre 2.0. See Setup for alternative instructions.

The scripts are available in the Marketplace Certs repository. There is a detailed readme available though in short the procedure for installing reviewer certs is below:

Prerequisite: Install the Android SDK Tools/ADB

Install the Android SDK Tools/ADB if you haven't done that already.

Quick Procedure

This simplified procedure will enable you to install apps from the reviewer pages on the following instances of Marketplace:

Download the zip containing the patched certificates and extract the contents.

  • Windows:
    1. Install git or cygwin
    2. Open a terminal of the environment you just installed, change to the extracted directory and type
    3. ./
  • Linux Mac:
    1. Open a terminal window, change to the extracted directory and type
    2. chmod u+x ; ./

Manual Procedure

1. Prerequisites
  1. Install NSS Tools
    • Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libnss3-tools
    • Fedora: su -c "yum install nss-tools"
    • openSUSE: sudo zypper install mozilla-nss-tools
    • Mac OS (via Homebrew): brew install nss
    • Windows: Setting up a general Windows build environment is a non-trivial process that requires a lot of effort. For installing the NSS Tools, see the docs on MDN.
2. Download the certificates

Download a snapshot of the Marketplace certs repository and extract it or clone the repository with this command: git clone git://

3. Find your device name

In a terminal window and with your phone's screen turned on and unlocked, type in adb devices and note the device name in the result. You need to use this in steps 4 and 5.

4. Build the certificate database

Open a terminal window and navigate to the marketplace-certs folder created in step 2 and enter the following commands:

rm -Rf certdb.tmp
./ certdb.tmp
./ certdb.tmp root-ca-reviewers-marketplace
./ certdb.tmp marketplace-dev-public-root
./ certdb.tmp marketplace-dev-reviewers-root
./ certdb.tmp marketplace-stage-public-root
./ certdb.tmp marketplace-paymentsalt-public-root

For this next command, replace full_unagi with the name you got from adb in step 3. So for example, for a Keon device you would change full_unagi to full_keon.

./ full_unagi ",,,"
5. Install the certificates and reboot

Send the new certificate database you created to the device and reboot it:

./ full_unagi certdb.tmp
adb reboot

Remember to replace full_unagi with the name you got from adb in step 3.

You should now be able to install packaged apps from both the production, development, stage and payments-alt instances of Marketplace.