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What is Update Queue

Update Queue is the place where the application which are updated by the developers and which need to be approved with update done are dispalyed. When we enter the Queue to see the queue is sorted in the manner the app which has been waiting for the long time will be on top. But we can also sort in another manner we need.

Coloums in Queue

There will be totally 5 coloums in the queue when you load the page. They are as follows

  • App
  • Flags
  • Waiting Time
  • Devices
  • Payments

The detailed description regarding the coloums are as follows.


Basically it will be having the name of the application. And it also serves as the link to the page where there is details regarding the application. A lock icon next to it means that another reviewer is currently looking at this app.


There are four flags currently in this queue

  • Packaged App
  • More Information Requested
  • Contains Editor Comment
  • Privileged App

Packaged App

Packaged App.png|Packaged APP A yellow cube. This type of application will be compressed in the form of zip. They can be downloaded in the local machine or Firefox OS phones and can run locally they do not mostly run with the help of the websites.The review process for packaged apps is the same as hosted apps, but developers must submit updated versions for approval.

Privileged App

Privileged App.png|Privileged App A yellow P. This types of apps are only packaged application. They will be having some special API that has the ability to access user data, information. This type of application will be reviewed only by the Senior level App reviewers.

More Information Requested

More Information Requested.png|More Information Requested.A blue icon with an 'i' in the middle. A reviewer has requested additional information from the developer.

Contains Editor Comment

Contains Editor Comment.png|Contains Editor Comment. A user icon with a speech bubble. It means the reviewer has left some comment regarding the application like asking to verify the bug and so on.

Waiting Time

It tells about the time the application has been waiting in the queue to get approved for their new update.


This will be telling what are all the supported devices for the currently updated application. Right now Firefox marketplace support 4 different devices

Firefox Desktop Firefox Desktop.png
Firefox Mobile (Android) Firefox Mobile(Android).png
Firefox Tablet (Android) Firefox tablet(Android).png
Firefox OSFirefox OS.png


It specifies what type of payment is available for that application. There are different types of payment in the application.

  • Free
  • Freemium Apps
  • Paid Apps
  • In-App Payments

You can learn more about payments from this MDN page - Profiting from your app