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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

New! Top reviewers this week

Nino Vranešič: 5,922 points
Marcelo Poli: 2,600 points
Andreea Popescu: 2,140 points
CodingFree: 1,120 points
William Dorffer: 1,080 points

And special congrats to CodingFree, who reached Level 5 this week!


  • Packaged apps can now be submitted for Android, but it's still TBD whether we can successfully install these apps for review. Reviewers should NOT reject Android apps that can't be installed. This bug has all the messy details:
  • Result of initial Tarako testing led by Thomas Elin:
    • Takeaways: approximately 60% of apps currently failing (24 out of 41). Most failures are related to RAM and CPU usage, and other issues devs will need to address are saving app state and not timing out when downloading over a slow EDGE data connection. A more detailed summary is available on Thomas' spreadsheet.
    • Next steps: Taipei engineering team to determine max RAM usage and other benchmarks that could be used for automated testing, Eng + Partner Eng to perform deeper investigation of issues to determine root cause/recommendations. Actual testing transitioning to App Review team.

IARC update

Response rate has slowed, but this is not yet cause for panic. With these kinds of campaigns, most people will respond at the beginning, and slackers will wait until the last minute.

IARC response rates

Jan 17: 9% rated (289 out of 3232 total apps)
Jan 24: 38% rated (1304 out of 3393 total apps)
Jan 31: 45% rated (1561 out of 3499 total apps)
Feb 07: 47% rated (1707 out of 3581 total apps)
Feb 14: 55% rated (2050 out of 3680 total apps)
Feb 21: 58% rated (2152 out of 3744 total apps)
Feb 28: 65% rated (2496 out of 3857 total apps)
Mar 07: 68% rated (2661 out of 3942 total apps)
Mar 14: 69% rated (2767 out of 4000 total apps)
Mar 21: 69% rated (2618 out of 3770 total apps) <-- query changed to no longer include some duplicate apps

Total number of apps without ratings, the countdown! This provides a clearer picture of exactly how many apps are at risk of being removed from Marketplace. Jan 17: 2944 <-- launch
Jan 24: 2089 <-- 1st notice email
Feb 07: 1874 <-- Hacks newsletter
Feb 14: 1630
Feb 21: 1592 <-- Post on Apps blog
Feb 28: 1361 <-- February reminder email and Hacks newsletter
Mar 07: 1281
Mar 14: 1233
Mar 21: 1152 <-- Tech evan direct outreach

Queue status

  • xx app reviews this week, with xx% from our volunteer community. Full details are available in a separate App Reviewer Performance weekly report. (Data missing this week, sry).
  • Wait times for most app reviews is approximately 2 days - excluding reviews that are blocked on bugs or need further information from the developer.