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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Top reviewers this week

Nino Vranešič: 5,254 points
William Dorffer: 3,030 points
CodingFree: 1,200 points
Andreea Popescu: 1,070 points
Marcelo Poli: 920


  • Tarako: Planning continues for how we'll test the current catalog of apps on Tarako. Lisa will have a device by middle of next week, and 4 more should be available to ship by the end of the week. For more details, see Caitlin's or Thomas' Tarako reports.
  • Android packaged app update: apps now install, hooray! Huge thanks to Austin King and Rob Hudson for fixing this. Note: We've experienced some crashes that may need additional investigation, will file additional bugs if it continues.
  • IARC: BD outreach complete to 93 devs with 318 apps, and there are now less than 1000 unrated apps. There is no bug yet filed for the next email blast, but the plan will be finalized on April 11.
  • LINE v1.3 has been submitted and is in review. This update adds stickers and improves performance.

IARC response rates

Jan 17: 9% rated (289 out of 3232 total apps)
Jan 24: 38% rated (1304 out of 3393 total apps)
Jan 31: 45% rated (1561 out of 3499 total apps)
Feb 07: 47% rated (1707 out of 3581 total apps)
Feb 14: 55% rated (2050 out of 3680 total apps)
Feb 21: 58% rated (2152 out of 3744 total apps)
Feb 28: 65% rated (2496 out of 3857 total apps)
Mar 07: 68% rated (2661 out of 3942 total apps)
Mar 14: 69% rated (2767 out of 4000 total apps)
Mar 21: 69% rated (2618 out of 3770 total apps) <-query changed to no longer include some duplicate apps
Mar 28: 75% rated (2871 out of 3837 total apps)

Total number of apps without ratings, the countdown! This provides a clearer picture of exactly how many apps are at risk of being removed from Marketplace.
Jan 17: 2944 <-- launch
Jan 24: 2089 <-- 1st notice email
Feb 07: 1874 <-- Hacks newsletter
Feb 14: 1630
Feb 21: 1592 <-- Post on Apps blog
Feb 28: 1361 <-- February reminder email and Hacks newsletter
Mar 07: 1281
Mar 14: 1233
Mar 21: 1152 <-- Tech evan direct outreach
Mar 28: 0966 <-- BD outreach

Queue status

  • 197 app reviews this week, with 70% from our volunteer community. Full details are available in a separate App Reviewer Performance weekly report. (Data missing).
  • Wait times for most app reviews is approximately 2 days - excluding reviews that are blocked on bugs or need further information from the developer.