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Weekly SQL reports instructions


Step by Step

  1. Create output folder
  2. Create subfolder called sql
  3. Download all the files in the folder to sql
    1. alternatively edit to change the script folder. The script expects the following folder structure by default:
    2. <output folder for the reports>
    3. <output folder for the reports>/sql/app_reviewer_report_tarako.sql
    4. <output folder for the reports>/sql/app_stats.sql
    5. ...
  4. run the following command, in the output folder: sql/ <fromdate> <todate> <dbusername> <dbpassword>
    1. e.g. sql/ 2014-10-24 2014-10-31 v1pUser s00perSecurePass (not the actual credentials!)
  5. after the script has executed you should have 7 files (names reflect the <todate> used)
    1. developers 2014-10-31.txt
    2. App Reviewer Report 2014-10-31.txt
    3. App stats 2014-10-31.txt
    4. Rejected and Banned 2014-10-31.csv
    5. Rejected and Banned 2014-10-31.txt
    6. Approved and Queued 2014-10-31.csv
    7. Approved and Queued 2014-10-31.txt
  6. if you have write access, upload all these files to the App Reports folder

Next Steps for weekly apps report

  1. Convert the .csv output files into Google spreadsheets for ease of use by the report recipients
    1. Open a new (or any random existing) Google spreadsheet
    2. Go to File|Import and locate the Approved....csv file (its normally in Recent)
    3. In the Import dialog
      1. select 'Create new spreadsheet' as the action (the default) and
      2. select 'Tab' as the character separator
    4. Press Import; then Cancel once completed
    5. Repeat with Rejected....csv
  2. Locate the 2 new Google spreadsheets you created - they'll be in your drive root by default
  3. Move (drag and drop) them into the App Reports folder, which will share them also.
  4. Go to the folder and open the 2 spreadsheets to get the urls.
  5. Paste them into the weekly note.