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Summit 2013, Brussels

Add-on and App Reviewers

Attendees: please add your name and arrival/departure date & time. We'll try to arrange an informal meetup!

Name Add-on or App reviewer? Arrival Date Arrival Time Departure Date Departure Time
Amy Tsay Add-on (themes) Oct 3 4:25p Oct 7 8:00a
Jorge Villalobos Add-on Oct 3 7:45a Oct 7 10:00a
Kris Maglione Add-on Oct 3 10:45a N/A
Teo Życzkowski Add-on Oct 3 09:10a Oct 7 09:55a
Nils Maier Add-on Oct 3 12:35p Oct 7 09:35a
Axel Grude Add-on (mail) Oct 3 03:50p Oct 7 04:30p
William Dorffer App Oct 3 12:25p Oct 7 4:35p
Nino Vranešič App Oct 3 8:10p Oct 7 9:20a
Brian King Add-on (semi-retired) Oct 2 5:00p Oct 7 7:50p
Andreas Wagner Add-on and App Oct 3 4:30p Oct 7 1:00p
Bertrand Neveux Neither but still keen to meet you! Oct 3 10am Oct 7 3pm
Your name here What you review Arrival Date Arrival Time Dept Date Dept Time

Thursday, Oct 3rd

Feel free to add your own activities!

  • Biking to beer and chocolate, place/time TBD
    • Kris
  • Lunch - 1pm, place TBD
    • Jorge
    • Nils (interested, but only arriving at 12:35pm at the airport...)
  • Instruments Museum
    • Axel (open to other activities arriving 3:50pm)
  • Summit Welcome Reception - 6pm

Friday, Oct 4rd

  • Reviewer meetup at 5:30. Place TBD.

Saturday, Oct 5th