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Tracking bug

All bugs should block bug 1057590.


Update the old Tarako review process

  • This was left undone by request, until manual reviews of the existing queued apps is complete.


To provide reviewers with an integrated way to manage app reviews for Tarako devices, including allowing developers to indicate whether their app should be tested for functionality on Tarako devices.

Because there is no perfect solution for this problem without completely overhauling the developer hub/submission process and automating reviewer tasks in a way that is not possible, it was decided that we would:

  1. discuss "Tarako" devices as "Low-Memory devices" -- using the terminology most apt and used in the first MDN page about the topic
  2. provide developers with links to information on MDN to learn more about "Low-Memory" devices
  3. allow developers to "request to be listed for Low-Memory" devices -- and thereafter reviewers only test those apps
  4. change the existing submission process as little as possible
  5. change the existing review process as little as possible


At step 4 of the submission process (Next Steps), developers are notified that at any time they can "Request that your app be shown on low-memory devices on Status (link to the Status page)".

On the Status page, the developer can see their status:

  • if their app is shown on low-memory devices or not
  • if they have requested a low-memory review or not; and if they have, when the request was made and what the current status of that request is

The developer is told that "if your app works on low-memory devices then you can request a review to be shown on low-memory devices. Learn about low-memory devices (links to MDN page)".

Modeled after the review process for apps in China, there is a separate (additional) queue process for reviewers to assess these apps. There is also a reminder when the relevant region is selected during or after submission (under the Compatibility section).

All functionality is keyed off of two flags, which can be best understood as "request to be listed for Tarako" and "list for Tarako" -- the former is set by the submitting developer, the latter is set by the reviewer.

Once an app is submitted, it must pass regular app review before it can be reviewed for Tarako. Failure to pass review for Tarako does not alter the overall app review status.