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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

The Project

Providing relevant content and optimal marketplace performance for local users of a low memory mobile device.

Key Leads

  • Content: Thomas Elin
    • Partner Engineering: Harald Kirschner
    • Apps Engineering: Rory Petty + Matt MacPherson
    • Developer Relations: Chris Mills + Mark Coggins
  • Marketplace Engineering: Wil Clouser
    • Performance: Cvan
    • UX: Tony Santos
    • Product: David Bialer
  • Legal / Compliance: Mika
  • Payments: Steve Ruston
  • OEM Partner site: Karen
  • Firefox OS Tarako team
  • Stakeholders
    • Rick Fant
    • Bertrand Neveux
    • Bill Maggs
    • Bill Walker
  • Program Management: Caitlin Galimidi


Identification & management of content

1 App performance testing & benchmarking
1.1 Top 20 & Preloaded apps
1.2 Existing Apps Catalog
1.3 Tier 1 Partner Apps
2 Local content
3 App review process
4 E.Me
5 Developer Communication plan

Tarako Content / Apps Communications

  • general communications and questions to mailing list:
  • daily updates to w/ progress on Top 40 apps, cc: b2g release drivers
  • email subject line starts with [Tarako Content]
  • weekly Team Leads Meeting: Vidyo Marketplace to track progress on Content, Thursdays 6pm PST


Marketplace (TMP: Tarako Marketplace)

6 Feature / Memory / Device detection (reliable)
7 Speed and Performance
7.1 Establish target benchmarks & KPIs for performance
8 TMP Technical design
9 UI updates to accommodate RTL & other local language requirements (pending target markets)

Tarako Marketplace Communications

  • questions and concerns send to
    • subject starts with [Tarako Marketplace]
  • IRC Channel #tarako


Developer Communications

10 Low memory programming practices for app devs
10.1 Best low memory programming practices for tier 1 partners
10.2 Low memory programming practices for MDN / long tail
11 early access to low memory devices for developers
12 Revised developer app submission process

Legal / Compliance Requirements in target markets

12 content
13 payments
14 language
15 IARC content ratings

OEM Partner site

16 Firefox Inside scope statement for Marketplace
17 Preloaded apps


  • TBD pending
    • known local network and identified pay provider
    • established Price Points - Optimizing for locally relevant pricing

Flashing Builds

Tarako meetings

  • Weekly cross functional engineering
    • Thursdays 6pm PST
    • Vidyo Marketplace

Status from teams

  • Etherpad notes:
  • WIP patches:
  • QA:

Bugs dashboard