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2.0 planning page


Filed Bug 634679 to address some potential issues with nightly testing and using lang packs.

Dashboard updates:

Seth continues to post these notes and the schedule to the l10n community.

Release Engineering

  • Fennec4.0.1 release to marketplace with stuart today; will end a long-standing-action-item
  • work continues on tegras stability; holding nicely stable at: (45 in production; 35 need reimaging/being tested after reimage)
  • are there any branches that *should* be running Android coverage, but are not yet doing so?


Marketing & PR

  • In NYC April 28-May 1 (Firefox Gone Mobile Ice Cream Truck)
  • Mobile Engagement + mobile initiative:
  • Mobile Beta channel inclusion on, Mozilla comms channels (Nightly/Beta goal for Q3: 5k, 30k repsectively (25k/150k EOY))
  • Phony/Quit Firefox for mobile featured in newsletter, RYF (48% compatibility)
  • Mobile acquisition campaig(s) for Q2/Q3 brainstorming underway

Feedback Summary

  • Very little input coming in for Nightlies and Aurora builds.
  • Need to discuss ways to add more testers and get more feedback.
Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 102 - 16
No copy/paste support New 9 Up 5 585875}}, {{bug|611741}}
Reformating text on zoom New 12 4
Firefox on other OS New 227

Problems with Marketplace New 29 -



Summary below, full update here

Skyfire 4.0 was released bringing freemium model for video playing, Twitter, Groupon and Google Reader integration

Opera Mini announced 100 million users, probably after big boost from partnerships as the default browser

Privacy in the mobile space becoming a mainstream topic as Apple and Google respond to government inquiries

iPad 2 to begin sales in the Asia-Pacific region with key mobile markets (Japan, China, S. Korea)

More details on the Microsoft/Nokia partnership; first batch of phones in Q4 2011

More people are allowed to choose their business phone model vs. IT departments, bringing more traction to targeting consumers