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2.0 planning page


  • Axel opened the fennec localization dashboard on aurora, and opened sign-offs, too. Those will be for fx5 beta.

Release Engineering

  • RelEng still unable to post Fennec to marketplace; need to resolve before Stuart vacation
  • investigating change-of-plan for faster cadence; previous plan was Fennec6 now Fennec5; need to handle consolidated repos, buildbot0.8


  • Fx5
    • Re-verifying Fx5 bugs on Aurora builds before moving to Beta
    • Running smoketests and small set of BFTs before May 17th
  • Fx6
    • All features have a QA contact, test plans and test cases are being created via each feature wiki

Marketing & PR

  • Mobile Engagement + mobile initiative:
  • Mobile Beta channel inclusion on, Mozilla comms channels (Nightly/Beta goal for Q3: 5k, 30k repsectively (25k/150k EOY))
  • Mobile acquisition campaig(s) for Q2/Q3 brainstorming underway
  • Spark UX changes resulted in dramatic increase to traffic, EOL go live June 1
  • Localizing Android Market beta copy, beta visual branding being finalized

Feedback Summary

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 121 Up 22 bug 630007
No copy/paste support New 5 Dn 4
Reformating text on zoom New 4 Dn

Firefox on other OS New 165 Dn
bug 654940
Problems with Marketplace New 34 -

Crash when copying URL 1 bug 641010



Summary below, full update here

35% of shipped smartphones worldwide in Q1 2011 are on Android, whose app store is going to soon become the largest one

The Asia Pacific region has become the biggest smartphone market, with 37 million devices shipped in Q1 2011

The Samsung Bada OS with 3.5 million outperformed WP7 phones by 1 million more phones shipped in Q1 2011

Updated Android version distribution puts 2.1 at 24.5% and 2.2 at 65.9%

Bing will become the preferred search and maps application for BlackBerry handsets.