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  • AIs from last meeting
    • Review Fennec languages, identify top languages (Irina)
    • Update on Mobile User Research (Diane)

Firefox 4.0.1 (launched April 28): User Feedback Update


2.0 planning page


  • Status quo for the multi-locale dashboard (live link): 6 green, 7 with missing strings, 17 strings max. 3 of the 6 greens have accepted sign-offs.
  • Outreach sent to everyone with missing strings or signoffs by mail.
  • Korean in Multi-locale build? Green and signed-off on aurora. Can't find a bug on it, though.

Release Engineering

  • RelEng have new shared marketplace account; however still unable to post Fennec to marketplace; still blocked on Stuart, who is on vacation
  • branch mechanics for Fennec5.0
    • Fennec6.0 will be different.


  • Fx5
    • Bugs re-verified on Aurora and Smoketests/BFTs have been run
    • bug 656036 and bug 652948 should block
  • Fx6
    • All features have a QA contact, test plans and test cases are being created via each feature wiki

Marketing & PR

  • Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Firefox Home Branding
  • Mobile Beta channel inclusion on /channel, mobile/downloa, (Nightly/Beta goal: 25k/150k EOY))
  • Finalizing materials for Firefox Beta in Android Market
  • Media campaigns underway

Feedback Summary

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 102 Dn 22 bug 630007
No copy/paste support New 6 - 4
Reformating text on zoom New 0 Dn

Firefox on other OS New 289 Way up
bug 654940
Problems with Marketplace New 37 -

Crash when copying URL
1 bug 641010


  • Mobile SUMO metrics
    • Traffic up after desktop 4.0.1 release - mainly on desktop related articles.


Summary below, full update here

Android 3.1 was launched. User features: resizable widgets, USB accessories support, Adobe Flash 10.2. Dev features: Open Accessory API, USB host API, Media Transfer Protocol, Real-Time Transport Protocol API.

The Android 3.1 browser updates: UI improvements, CSS 3D support, animations, CSS fixed positioning, save page locally, support for hardware accelerated plugins

New Android numbers: 100 million activated devices, 400,000 activations/day, 200,000 apps, 310 device models

Android strategy updates: support for launched devices to be 18 months, phone and tablet versions to be merged in Ice Cream Sandwhich, Android@home was presented, a project to bring the OS to household appliances.

The smartphone market has grown ~80% year over year in with 99.6 million units shipped in 1Q2011. Apple is about to become the biggest smartphone vendor with only 6 million shipped units behind Nokia, who is in the first place.

  • Devices: