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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • IRC channel #mobile
  • Vidyo: Room Warp Core


  • AIs from last meeting
    • get our nightlhy builds published on : Bug 540311 and Bug 627075 (Caitlin)
    • Share Market Stats (Stuart keeps updating)
    • Check Feature Spreadsheet vs. Wiki - see below 'Mobile Feature Documentation' (Stuart, Thomas)
  • ==> Take the Mobile Rapid Release Survey // ViewSurvey Results

Firefox 4.0.1 (launched April 28): User Feedback Update

  • as of 6/07/2011: 2362918 downloads, 1015341 active (42.97%), ratings (5/4/3/2/1) 8422 / 4916 / 4550 / 3503 / 4516 = 3.36 stars average

Firefox 5 BETA 6 - launched June 14

Firefox 5 BETA 7 - launched June 15

Firefox 5 final - June 21, 7am

Release Candidate

  • RC is built with same changeset as Beta 7, the only difference is channel, branding, and feedback extension.
  • Beta 7 is currently available in the Android Marketplace (AM), and external beta users can test it.
  • The RC build will NOT be available in the AM until Tuesday when it is officially released as final. Meanwhile, internal QA will test the RC build, focusing on the above known differences*.
  • If respin is needed, this will require a Beta 8 and a new RC.
  • QA will have RC signoff ready before tomorrow (Friday) 11am go/no-go meeting (joint with desktop).


Release Engineering

Priorities page


Marketing & PR

  • Firefox (5) target release at 7am PDT, June 21
  • Firefox Gone Mobile, June 25, in SF
    Site Optimization
  • Site SEO effort underway (Android, Home, Sync)
  • /m page optimized for iOS
  • optimized for mobile
  • /mobile merging with mobile/download
  • nightly page designed and being pushed with next update


  • Remove Maemo from /m?
  • Device Compatibility survey/effort update?


Irina and Caitlin to run a discussion next week?

  • Features to stay competitive
  • Features to differentiate ourselves
  • Features/areas of focus to trailblaze

Feedback Summary

Feature Feedback

Feature Name Release Channel Feedback
Do Not Track Beta
Better First Run Discoverability Aurora
  • None
IndexedDB Local Storage Aurora
  • None
Better Form Assistant Integration with Android Aurora
  • None
Visual Refresh for Gingerbread Aurora

General Insights

Clustered Praise Found Release Channel
  • Speed Improved!
  • Input: 14

Clustered Issues Found Release Channel Bug Id
  • No Flash
  • Input: 217
  • SUMO: New 81 Dn
All 630007}}
  • Clear History
  • Input: 27
Beta 656901}}
  • Exit button
  • Input: 24
  • SUMO: New 10 -
Beta 659670}}
  • No Private Browsing
  • Input: 12
Beta 582244}}
  • No way to set default zoom
  • Input: 4
Beta 666600}}


UX and User Research


  • see dev meeting notes for detailed breakdown
  • new interesting work on some Firefox android widget concepts (partly with apps team)
  • mbrubeck drafting readability spec so we can talk to platform
  • madhava gave talk on mobile design to Moz-related group in the Philippines this morning


Firefox Home Talking to a few iphone users to understand why they browse and when they browse and what they want to do better to see if it aligns with our future plan for Fx Home.

Sidebar Study Blog Post Will be posted next week as part of the User research blog launch!


Summary below, full update here

Competitor news: Dolphin HD was updated to v5.1 and Opera Mini will come preloaded on the Onda N235 in Brazil

Nokia is facing losses in marketshare, sales and profits as it transitions to Windows Phone 7. Some predict Samsung's Bada OS might become 3rd major smartphone platform, after iOS and Android.

Asian handset microvendors have captured nearly 13% of the global mobile handset market share shipping 48 million units globally in Q1 2011

Voice recognition potential in mobile gaining more attention as Chrome adds it to desktop

The mobile Web the 5th in terms of developer revenue per-app after iOS, Java ME, Blackberry and Android


  • How do we reduce the number of meetings?
    • How many people find these updates useful ? Is the wiki enough, or does it help to have a voice?