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Symbian OS uses a series of Perl scripts and proprietary tools for building application projects. While this has some advantages when building different targets and setting meta data such as application ID, it however can not fit into Mozilla technology philosophy. Because of the ease portability of Mozilla platform building tools, mainly GNU make and autoconf, we could use these tools to build our Mozilla products with Symbian OS SDK in Windows operating system. The only effort we should take is patching the scripts and related and project files.



  • Windows Vista SDK
    • It isn't necessary to install "Sample Code" and "Documentation" to save space and time.


  • Install all prerequisites, I recommend installing everything on Drive C, default path.
  • Add paths to environment variable $PATH, some of them are added by tools installation:
    • c:\mingw\bin (MUST be the first, or at least earlier than any Symbian build tool chain related path)
    • c:\program files\csl arm toolchain\bin (this should be added by GCCE tools installation)
    • c:\symbian\9.2\s60_3rd_fp1\epoc32\tools (MUST place this earlier than "c:\program files\common\symbian\tools" which is added by SDK installation)
    • c:\mozilla-build\svn-win32-1.4.2\bin
    • c:\mozilla-build\moztools\bin
  • Add environment variables:
 SYMBIAN_SDK_DIR = /c/symbian/9.2/S60_3rd_FP1/
 ACTIVE_PERL = /c/perl/bin/perl.exe
 CC_INSTALL_PATH = /c/program\ files/CSL\ ARM\ Toolchain/
 static const char* const KSuppressPlatSecDiagnostic =


 #if defined(__cplusplus) 
 static const char* const KSuppressPlatSecDiagnostic =
  • Deal with header files
cd \symbian\9.2\s60_3rd_fp1\epoc32\include
move prtypes.h prtypes.h.orig
move prcpucfg.h prcpucfg.h.orig
cd variant
copy Symbian_OS_v9.2.hrh Symbian_OS.hrh
  • Start build environment by invoking the appropriate c:\mozilla-build\start-msvc*.bat file
 e.g. if you have VC++ 9.0 then run  
  • Checkout source
 hg clone
  • Assuming your source is checked out at c:\mozilla-central then:

For device(GCCE) build:

 cd /c/
 mkdir gobj
 cd gobj
 ../mozilla-central/nsprpub/configure --target=arm-none-symbianelf
 --enable-symbian-target=GCCE --disable-debug
 cd pr/tests

For emulator(WINSCW) build:

 cd /c/
 mkdir wobj
 cd wobj
 ../mozilla-central/nsprpub/configure --target=arm-none-symbianelf
 cd pr/tests


The procedures above are also verified on S60 SDK 3rd Edition MR.


In process

  • NSS patching is in process now.