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Previous Action Items

  • Joel to take care of Ts-moz-afterpaint
  • finkle to give joel a list of perf tests he wants to write

Status reports

Dev team

  • Can run xpcshell tests via SUT now (bugs 705192, 730153, 728298)

Rel Eng

  • bug 723667 talos robocop
    • bug 728955 - while running robocop unittests we seem to hit OOM very frequently
    • bug 731637 - robocop on tegras hit OOM for PixelTest due to getPaintedSurface() array creation
    • armenzg to land other pieces while jmaher figures out robocop/fennec issues

A Team


  • bug 728955 - tegra gets OOM and we terminate robocop tests early



  • working with releng to deploy a instead of local cached copy on foopies

Upcoming work:

S1/S2 Automation

  • Once the old changes (last weeks) go through the system, we will turn on to run nightlies.
  • Ctalbert still owes Jmaher a talos test that uses the instrumentation ETA next week
  • Raw Fennec Startup


  • Should be ready to run automation this week (for phones/pandas and things with HDMI out)

Panda Boards

  • [P1] [NEW]: bug 731669 (ctalbert) we can't reboot a panda board without using a PDU to reboot it
    • hopefully the ES boards make things better
  • [P1] [NEW]: bug 731670 (ctalbert) MAC address gets re-created on every reboot
  • high enough screen resolution
    • are there more details about this?
  • [P1] [DONE] bug 729323 - board racked on haxxor for releng to mess with
    • armenzg to verify that I can reach the board
  • [P1] bug 725846 - 8 boards have been received
    • joduinn to order SD cards bug 731694
    • ctalbert to grab 4 boards
  • [P2] [DONE]: bug 725859 - document process for re-imaging and remote re-imaging
  • concerns
    • IT is concerned about not having remote re-imaging
    • the boards sometimes become unstable (much more than the tegras)
      • each a-team member has a different experience on how to make things work
      • hopefully the ES boards make things better
    • armenzg: do we have an alternative to the panda boards?
      • blassey: no fallback plan

Crash Stats

CrashStats 2012-02-27.png

  • Screenshot and data from 2/27/2012 3:35 PM PDT

Top crashes:

Note :

  • Socorro/Breakpad work:
    • bug 726385 Please create skiplist implementation for the Java field
    • bug 726693 Some java crashes are not being mapped correctly to bugs in bugzilla even though the crash signature fields have the "signatures" listed
    • bug 672606 - Aggregate numbers and topcrashes for Nightly and Aurora channels based on build ID date instead of crash date
    • bug 727234 - Crash Report [@ EMPTY: no crashing thread identified; corrupt dump ]
    • bug 727286 - Incorrect messaging when failing to submit a crash report

Should be fixed in next release:

Round Table

  • who wants to run this meeting next week?

Action Items

  • ctalbert to grab 4 panda ES boards
  • joduinn to order SD cards
  • Jmaher to drop panda for a bit and focus on robocop/talos
  • Jmaher to follow up with mfinkle re perf tests post-mwc
  • ctalbert to flash new ES board with build and see what new problems we find and what ends up fixed