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Kang-Hao Lu (kennyluck)

Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts

What is the overall goal I want to accomplish by attending MozCamp Asia

  • Meet people.
  • Get people on #mozilla-taiwan .
  • Get people on public-html-ig-zh (W3C HTML5 Chinese Interest Group) and its QQ group (151145242).
  • Share ideas.

What I want to achieve by Sunday (November 18th)

  • I need to host my session, if accepted, of course, with Thomasy.
  • Meet some layout hackers or www-style subscribers in general.
  • Meet some more people who contribute to W3C/WHATWG mailing lists either occasionally or regularly (if you are one of those people, please ping me!). Share my spec translation + annoation idea.
  • Boost the number of participants of #mozilla-taiwan in the hope that we can boost the number of solved mentored bugs in the Chinese community.
  • Meet some public-html-ig-zh subscribers and get feedback about the list.
  • Meet some familiar names on Bugzilla such as Frank Yan, Gary Kwong and jdm.
  • Meet Nakano-san and nattokirai from Mozilla Japan if they come to the event. (Note: ask if Nakano-san is still interested in his Japanese translation of css3-text and such.)
  • Talk and learn about those legendary figures. Boris Zbarsky, in particular.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the tension between MozTW and Mozilla Taiwan. I don't particular care about this but it's probably not a bad idea to learn more anyway.
  • Have some private talks with MoCo Taiwan folks and learn more about Mozilla Online.

What I will achieve by December 2nd

  • Continue getting more people on #mozilla-taiwan and public-html-ig-zh and its QQ group (151145242).
  • (If my session is accepted, optional) Write down a document of best practices for recruiting coders, especially for Asian people.

What I will achieve by December 16th

  • Continue getting more people on #mozilla-taiwan and public-html-ig-zh and its QQ group (151145242). (I actually can't plan this far.)