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Title of Session (should also be the title of your Wiki page): Moving Forward With Women & Mozilla


Are you paid or volunteer staff?: paid staff

Area of Contribution (Team Name): Women & Mozilla (WoMoz)

How are you currently involved with the community?: Community Coordinator

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Paris, France

Talk Length (please choose between 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes): 30

Summary: Lately, the WoMoz community has been talking about integrating more the Reps program. This will be the occasion to talk about how this should be done and what the next steps for this will be. It will also be the occasion to set up some clearly defined goals for WoMoz in 2013. This is an especially important and interesting discussion to have during this Mozcamp as there is a new growing community around WoMoz in Asia, as well as many Reps present that need to engage in this discussion.

How your session furthers the MozCamp Goals: Getting WoMoz more involved into the Reps program is a very important step that can help Mozilla grow. By doing this, we will get more women into Mozilla, and more contributors into the project. Defining our next goals will also help structure the existing community more, and will help us to reach out and recruit more contributors.

Expected Outcome or Deliverable: a 2013 Roadmap for WoMoz. Also, concrete steps in order to move forward with integrating WoMoz in Reps

Desired Audience Type or Skill-set: WoMoz community and Reps community. People interested in contributing to the project or just plain curious

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): White Board and pens

To Be Completed by the Audience-

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