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Title of Session (should also be the title of your Wiki page): WebFWD – Learn The Essentials Of Entrepreneurship And Use These Incredible Skills to Grow Your Personal Project, Your Community and Mozilla

Facilitator(s): Didem Ersoz, Sau Sheong, and Arky

Are you paid or volunteer staff?: Both paid and volunteer staff

Area of Contribution (Team Name): WebFWD, L10N, Innovation

How are you currently involved with the community?: WebFWD Scout & Mentoring Community as well as the wider (Open Source) Startup Community

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Mountain View, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam

Talk Length (please choose between 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes): 90 minutes

Summary: WebFWD is Mozilla’s accelerator program helping startups transform their open source projects into businesses that will change the web and the world. We work with entrepreneurs who are committed to building new web technologies that align with Mozilla's values. Our everyday job is to help these entrepreneurs grow and accelerate their businesses by training them on entrepreneurship essentials and making a large pool of resources (videos, training materials, blog posts, mentors, etc) available.

In order to get the word out about our program, we rely solely on our community of partners, Scouts, Mozillians and friends of Mozilla.

This workshop gives the participants the unique opportunity to learn hands-on from our experiences working with dozen of startups who went through the WebFWD program; introduce entrepreneurial and business thinking to our community members by walking them through an overview of essentials / fine points of being a successful entrepreneur, and engage them in a working session where they can work on key entrepreneurial concepts. At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to use these skills to further their own projects, build and grow their respective communities (and thus Mozilla) and engage in a more meaningful way with Mozilla staff around business related topics.

How your session furthers the MozCamp Goals: WebFWD actively grows Mozilla's community by engaging with audiences we didn't engage with before (entrepreneurs/startups). In addition, WebFWD evangelizes Mozilla initiatives to this audience. Specific examples of how Mozilla has "grown" through WebFWD include adoption of Persona, Social API and Popcorn.js by our teams as well as Mozilla itself using products and services offered by WebFWD teams.

This session specifically, furthers the MozCamp goal of Grow Mozilla on two fronts. First, this session will contribute to the individual growth of our community members by introducing them to essentials of entrepreneurial thinking. Lessons learned in this session will help them use these skills to further their own projects, build and grow their respective communities (and thus Mozilla) and engage in a more meaningful way with Mozilla staff around business related topics.

Second, this session will allow us to strengthen the WebFWD bond with Mozilla Community in Asia. The startup community is thriving in Asia, specially in Singapore. Raising awareness for WebFWD and getting our community’s support will allow WebFWD to Grow Mozilla in these geographies resulting in greater support, adoption and promotion of Mozilla projects. Additional promotion of Mozilla initiatives by future teams will continue to multiply Mozilla's reach beyond its own community to the communities of our teams.

Expected Outcome or Deliverable: Increased “business literacy” in participants; better overall awareness of business related questions inside the Mozilla project; support for WebFWDs geographic expansion.

Desired Audience Type or Skill-set: Desire to learn. Interest in business related topics. Eagerness to spread the Mozilla WebFWD mission. Solid communications skills (english). Networking skills.

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): TBD

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